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Operation and maintenance


Details of Our Service

Our team places great emphasis on meeting the needs of our clients in the field of website operation:


Ensuring Fast Content Updates:

We assist in managing and updating the content of the website. This way, you do not have to worry about keeping the content up-to-date; we take care of everything.

Monitoring Continuous Online Presence:

We regularly check the online status of your website and take immediate action if we detect any issues or unusual behavior.

Monthly Visitor Statistics Summary:

We configure the analytics system and, on a monthly basis, summarize visitor statistics. This helps monitor the performance and efficiency of the website.

Free Hosting and Domain Extension:

After an active subscription, we extend your web hosting for free for the first 6 months, ensuring that your website remains accessible at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

The maintenance costs of a website vary based on our website packages. The first year is free for all our clients, and from the second year onwards, it is 15-25 thousand HUF per year. Clients with a subscription do not incur annual maintenance fees!

We integrate tools that allow you to track the traffic of your website, and in some cases, we send monthly visitor statistics.

There are several options for updating website content. As we also handle maintenance, we can update the content upon request. In case the client prefers to update the content themselves, we create a type of website that has the necessary functionality, allowing the client to easily update their website.

The development time depends on the complexity of the website and the extent of custom development. On average, it takes 2-4 weeks to complete a website.

Yes, we provide all our clients with the opportunity to provide feedback and suggest modifications.

We design the structure and layout of subpages based on the purpose and content of the website, taking into account the user experience. Since website development is preceded by a detailed needs assessment, it becomes clear exactly what the client needs.

Unique email addresses lend a professional appearance and increase the trust of customers.

We optimize your website for search engines and employ other effective SEO practices to achieve higher rankings.

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